Patrick Puskeiler – Founder of ALB Aviation

My name is Patrick Puskeiler. As a child I already grew up on a airfield, so the addiction to aviation is in my blood since the very first moments of my life. With the age of 14 I started gliding and until now I can look back on about 4500 flying hours in all kind of aircraft and many unforgettable moments in the cockpit.

Beside my activity as instructor and examiner I achieved  several victories in national gliding competitions as well as four participations in world championships.

Not just gliding is my passion, I love flying vintage aircraft and doing aerobatics too. In 2016 I started to work on my commercial aviation career by starting the ATPL training and ALB Aviation. ALB Aviation is the great chance to combine my passion with my job.

Some fact’s about me:

Year of Birth: 1987
City: Göppingen

My time at the university:
2010-2011   Engineering – HS Esslingen
2011-2015   Business Engineering – HS Ansbach

My quick aviation CV:
2002     first flight in a glider and first solo with 14 years
2003     gliding license
2009     member of german army gliding team
             flight instructor licence for gliders
             PPL (A)
2010     german junior gliding champion
2011     participation in 2 world gliding championships
            member of the national team until 2014
            aerobatics rating
2012     german junior gliding champion
2013     instructor rating for airplanes
2015     examiner authorisation SPL/LAPL(S)
2017     CPL(A)-IR with ATPL Theory
2018    MEP VFR Classrating
            Pilatus PC12 SET Classrating
            TBM SET Classrating
2019    MEP IR