From the above, we can conclude that the banks have legal protection under the consortium agreement, provided they have insured the borrower`s assets. That is why we can conclude by saying that it is necessary to have legislation that allows lenders to remedy this situation if they have not guaranteed the borrower`s assets. Under this type of agreement, a potential borrower goes to a particular bank for financial assistance. The Bank will then evaluate the proposal and decide which members with whom they will enter into the banking contract. The member banks will evaluate the proposal and decide on their share the amount lent to the borrower for the grant. While a loan guarantee also includes several lenders and a single borrower, the term is usually reserved for loans related to international transactions, different currencies and bank cooperation necessary to guarantee payments and reduce risk. Credit syndication is managed by a managing bank, which is approached by the borrower for credit. The managing bank is generally responsible for the terms of negotiation and the organization of the union. In return, the borrower usually pays a fee to the bank.

Sometimes the participating banks form a new unionized bank that operates using each institution`s assets and disapplying each institution once the project is completed. By allowing all members to consolidate their assets, consortia allow smaller banks to launch larger projects. Both sides have internal engines and conditions for cooperation in cooperation with assets in the field of investment operations 2. The consortium can, as a means of multilateral lending, effectively manage competition in bilateral loans and improve group building and development services to create a win-win situation. 3.Banks that participate in bank lending can do their best. 4.La banking supervision can contribute to the formation of a credit risk management group and the effective distribution of the risk of an individual bank loan to individual customers, which can also lead banks to jointly prevent and control different risks in the common interest. 1.In consistency with national industrial policies and economic development programs of local governments, energy, transportation, high-tech industries and key local projects are the main aspects of syndicated loans 2.The subjects of syndicated loans are legal entities legally registered in China in accordance with the provisions of the general provisions on intermediate syndicated loans and loans , or other economic organizations approved by banks These multiple banking agreements are very similar to a syndicated loan syndicate although there are structural and operational differences between the two. Should funds received from the COMMUNITY still remain in a separate bank account or can they be received and stored in the coordinator`s normal bank account? The bank managing a credit syndication is not necessarily the majority lender or the „lead“ bank. Each of the participating banks may act as a director or assume responsibility for the managing bank depending on the establishment of the credit contract. As with a loan guarantee, syndicated financing is for transactions that may not be done with a single lender. Several banks agree to supervise a single borrower at the same time as joint evaluation, documentation and follow-up and to have equal shares in the transaction. Unlike credit syndication, there is no leading bank to manage the financing project; all banks play an equal role in project management.

If pre-financing generates positive or negative interest, this cannot be declared to the Horizon 2020 grant. It is the consortium`s decision to process the interest generated by pre-financing and how.