The fee for work lining services is $200 to $400. $100 are due at the time of signing the contract and are not refundable. The balance (100 – 300 USD) is due two weeks before the start of the „on-call time“. Payment plans or special circumstances may be agreed, but must be agreed upon by all parties for this contract to be valid. The Doula will not participate in a birth for which it has not received full payment. The only exception is when baby is born 38 weeks ago. In this case, payment is due within 5 days of birth. After signing this contract, the Doula will meet with the client at least once before working, provide the client with telephone numbers and emails so that he can reach the Doula between dates and 24 hours a day during the custody period, help the client prepare birth plans and write a birth plan and provide recommendations for other services in the Community. The Doula will take place on request for a period of two weeks prior to the due date. Once called to work, the Doula must arrive within two hours of this call and will remain with the client until one to two hours after birth, unless otherwise stated by the client. The Doula also offers at least one post-part visit containing – It is Doula`s responsibility to inform the customer of all appointments or schedules to which it is not available for the service, and it will arrange a backup Doula for these dates or periods. The Doula pays an agreed doula for all services that are provided under the agreement between them. The Doula is intended to provide physical, emotional and information pregnancy, labour and childbirth.

Doula should NOT perform clinical assessments (including vaginal examinations, fetal heart sounds or vital signs, blood pressure checks). The Doula will not speak on behalf of the client or make decisions for the client. We, the undersigned, agree with the above conditions and understand the responsibilities of the Doula as well as our own. The Doula will do everything in its power to provide the services described here. Sometimes this is impossible because of factors beyond our control. If the failure to visit your birth is a Doula error, nothing else is due by the customer or the customer is reimbursed for all fees paid minus the $100 non-refundable down payment when signing the contract. If non-participation in your birth is not a doula error, like rushed labor. B, the client`s failure to call or notify the Doula or a natural disaster, the contract is maintained. In case of rushed work or omission of the Doula, the Doula can reach the client after birth. The Doula will stay with the client for the normal period to help her settle down and set up breastfeeding, as doula would if she were present during the birth itself. The Doula will also offer the post-parpartum visitation service in accordance with this agreement. The Doula can take photos at births to document your incredible birth experience and use it for marketing purposes.

It is up to you to decide whether to allow a photograph during your work or birth process. All photos taken during your labour and birth are copied to a disk and are also given to you for your personal use.