As flight instructor I can teach the following things under an ATO/DTO:

In SPL / LAPL (S):
       – SPL / LAPL (S) license
       – Winch, Aerotow and Selflaunching
       – TMG classrating
       – aerobatic (gliders)
       – ST/TMG – TMG tow rating
       – instructor

In PPL (A) / LAPL(A) / CPL(A):
       – PPL(A) / LAPL(A) / CPL(A) license
       – SEP
       – TMG
       – Pilatus PC12 SET
       – TBM SET
       – aerobatic (SEP)
       – ST/(A) – SEP tow rating
       – ST/(TMG) – TMG tow rating
       – instrument

For details about basic flight training, take a look at the website of our own training facility ALB Aviation Training.

Furthermore i can offer you the following services:
        – Safety pilot on SEP, SET, MEP, MET and jet aircarft
        – 1h check flight for license revalidation (PPL(A) + LAPL(A) – SEP/TMG
          and SPL TMG)
       – Type Training on a new aircraft type
       – Differential Training: Taildragger, Variable Pitch, Retractable Gear,
          Pressurisation, G1000, G3000, Autopilot
       – Ferry Flight assistance
       – Mountain flying assistance (SEP/TMG and gliders)
       – Cross country training in gliders
       – Basic aerobatics training
       – Flying adventure / Trip assistance