And as far as discipline is concerned, according to the agreement, the company will maintain paragraph 64 of the 2015 Salaried Master Agreement, which states that „management will not take into account previous infringements that occurred more than two (2) years earlier.“ The Warren Tech Center is receiving a new vehicle program, investments of $200 million and the maintenance of about 75 jobs under the deal. The Assembly Plants in Lansing Delta and Spring Hill, Tennessee, will benefit from a $1 billion mid-size SUV assembly and 5,000 jobs. „General Motors has reached a preliminary agreement with the UAW. We encourage the UAW to go through the ratification process as quickly as possible so that we can resume operations and re-produce vehicles for our customers. Our goal in these negotiations was to ensure that the future of General Motors works for our employees, dealers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. This agreement reflects our commitment to the United States. Production through the creation of new jobs and increased investment. In a statement, GM said it is moving forward with opportunities for future investment and job growth in Ohio`s Mahoning Valley. These investments are outside of the national agreement: in a brief statement on the agreement, GM said: „We can confirm the UAW`s statement on a proposed interim agreement. More details will be announced in due course. Under the deal, full-time temporary workers who have worked for three years or more would be recruited permanently starting Jan. 6, a priority requirement of the UAW and many members. Part-time workers who have worked for at least two uninterrupted years would become regular employees from 1 January 2020. Temporary workers who work for at least one year are also entitled to paid and unpaid leave.

GM plans to invest 7.7 billion $US corresponding to 9,000 jobs created and maintained, according to the pages of the agreement obtained by the Detroit News. The 2015 contract contained a commitment of $US 8.3 billion. The UAW GM National Council is set to vote Thursday on a new interim agreement to end the nationwide strike that has shut down genetically modified plants. Hide Bill Pugliano caption/Getty Images Among the details of the deal are: a way for full-time agency workers to become permanent, a ratification bonus of 11,000 $US, no changes in health care and wage increases. The deal will include wage increases, a ratification bonus of at least US$9,000, GM`s promise to create or maintain 9,000 jobs over the next four years, a way for temporary agency workers to become permanent, and other elements. If the provisional agreement does not obtain a majority of the voting members, it will be back at the table for GM negotiators and the UAW GM Negotiating Committee to reach agreement on the objections raised by members. More: GM, UAW reach a proposed interim agreement; Strike continues The UAW will continue negotiations for a new interim agreement with Ford, with the GM contract being used as a model. .

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