The borough had interviewed new HR directors before a judge appointed Samuels as a receiver. It is up to Samuels to decide who he brings for the HR position and other vacancies. Harrisburg School District Attorney James Ellison speaks at a news conference at the county offices after a decision this morning to hand over control of the district to receiver Janet Samuels. Mark Pynes| #25 former human resources director Curtis Tribue: $91,807. Tribue`s annual salary was $110,000, but he was not earning a full annual salary after resigning from the borough last October after being put on administrative leave. An annual analysis of principals` compensation by the Pennsylvania Association of School Boards showed that the average superintendent`s compensation for the 2017-18 school year was $US 144,102. Yolanda Goodwin-Humphrey has worked in the district for 32 years and is moving from special education to director of special education. She brought home $118,228 last year. Their salary is set at $113,850. Analysis by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association.

Secondary school principals supervise schools with students in grades 7 to 12. School board members are scheduled to meet Thursday to approve an annual budget for the next school year, which includes the maximum increase allowed by law. Even with the increase in taxes, the budget has a deficit of at least $3 million that would have to be filled with money from the borough`s cash reserves. It is unclear whether Samuels will change the budget before it is approved. Downey Elementary School at 1313 Monroe Street in Harrisburg. There was no explanation, but the school approved a deal in March that paid Gibbs $32,500. Owners have a salary range set by district officials, but many administrators are unsure of how salaries were set. School leaders are represented by a union known as Act 93, and the youngest director of human resources, Barb Richard, looked at the fact that Harrisburg`s top salaries were slightly below the national average before their contract was terminated by Knight-Burney last month. The district is currently looking for a new personnel director. .