QUICK DISCLAIMER: I`m not a lawyer, below reflects basic advice on irrigation service contracts. If you have other questions or concerns, it is always best to contact a real lawyer who has passed the BAR. As you know, most of the company`s watering pricing services in two respects: package or time and equipment. The way your contract presents your prices may therefore differ from that of another irrigation operation. What you will find in the following sections is everything an irrigation company wants (or needs) to include in its contract. I thought it was better to be in-depth than to jump on the subject, ignore something and have legal action against a company. It`s likely that you don`t want or need to close everything – it`s pretty exhaustive. Warren Collis of KT Irrigation in Chantilly, Virginia, has signed formal contracts for irrigation services for years. A long-time industry veteran, he relocated KT Irrigation five years ago from a larger landscape services company because the business has grown and specialized. Greg McLaughlin, owner of McLaughlin Landscaping in Hermiston, Oregon, offers his clients a popular watering service contract.

He says ISC customers are better than average customers. „We looked at the numbers,“ he admits, „and we`ve been following sales closely since the recession. In 2009, our total sales were 24% lower than in 2007, but our irrigation services sector fell by only 10%. Since 2009, we have recovered half of our total sales, but our irrigation service store is back where it was. Thank God for our ISC case. The numbers do not lie; It`s a bigger piece of our cake. You might think it`s a dream, but it`s a reality for the growing number of irrigation contractors and specialists who also provide seasonal care for their clients` irrigation systems. These companies do so with a formal or informal irrigation service contract (ISC) that seals a long-season agreement – and hopefully for life. Winterization and early spring should be included in any irrigation service contract. Customers, including in the hottest areas, need an autumn study. In addition, you can offer different attention and service to the customer, the price varying depending on the number of inspection visits during the watering season. Yet for so many irrigation professionals, landscape entrepreneurs and their clients, they are win-win in many ways.