LL associations are as affected and missing as councils on the Internet. If you pay for it, you`ll find a real estate lawyer, pay them an hour or two, then a real estate lawyer and pay for an hour. Not anymore. 3. Lawyers are subject to a fee. No, that`s what they do. While a lawyer may initially be an additional expense, he or she seriously has the ability to maximize your return on investment by saving you hundreds, if not thousands, over the years. The appointment of a lawyer (should) cost less than a month`s rent. So it`s at least worth seeing if your lawyer can make you a better offer for the duration of your lease. I am part of our national LL federation; For $55 a year, we receive networking, legal assistance, forms, leases, crash courses in background examination, land mastery – works. Try this, find an emerging lawyer, a young man or a woman who is hungry for work.

Take them to lunch and ask them to check your lease. While they do, you can also choose their brain. Pay for the meal and you got essentially what you wanted. So work with them, because that`s the person you want in your corner. There are many ways to understand people`s hearts, and for most people, it`s their stomachs. Ive saved thousands of dollars by taking lawyers, contractors, loan officers and investors for lunch. Chicken Wings. Throw it from there. Use Nolo Press landlord-tenant contracts. Written by lawyers so that tenants can understand them and buy their books. .