Under the Executive Incentive Plan („IAP“), the Compensation Committee provides performance-based compensation consisting of both cash and SA to officers and certain officers. For senior executives, their bonuses are based on an aggregate incentive pool equal to a percentage of consolidated operating profit. For the 2013, 2012 and 2011 financial years, the pool amounted to 0.35%, 0.3% and 0.25% of operating income respectively. The SAs are expected to be transferred in August each of the four years following the date of grant. Final cash rewards are determined after each performance period based on individual and commercial performance. At the time the UGRs are acquired, your custodian bank sells a portion of the shares in order to mitigate the taxes you regularly owe on the new compensation. This is at least 22% (which is the standard federal minimum) and can go up to 37% in 2021. We have a savings plan in the United States. qualified under Article 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code and a number of savings plans in international countries. Participating U.S.

employees can contribute up to 75% of their salary, but no more than the legal limits. We give fifty cents for every dollar a member contributes to this plan, with a maximum contribution of 3% of a member`s income. The corresponding contributions for all plans in fiscal years 2013, 2012 and 2011 were $393 million, $373 million and $282 million, respectively, and were spent as contributions. Matching contributions are invested in the investment options provided for in the plan in proportion to each member`s voluntary contributions. Investment options in the U.S. plan include Microsoft common shares, but neither the member nor our matching contributions must be invested in Microsoft common shares. Stock bonuses make up a large portion of the total compensation for many Microsoft employees. Share bonuses can be distributed as part of a recruitment package, as part of annual compensation or on a performance-based basis and are allocated as so-called restricted share units.

Under the program, employees receive stock bonuses over a period of several years, similar to options. U.S. regulators are exploring the possibility of forcing companies to treat stock options as expenses rather than expenses. Your current traditional stock option plan can be tailored to the goal of incentivizing employees to increase the value of the business. and by pursuing the stock option plan, these companies can avoid having to address shareholder concerns with limited stock plans. It is likely that Microsoft`s Irish employees will pay taxes on their subsidies at a time when inventories were unshakable, he added. Stock Awards („SA“) are grants given to the holder of Microsoft common shares because the premium is unwavering. AA is usually unwavering over a five-year period.

As you probably know, Microsoft gives its employees longer stock options. The decision appears to have been motivated by several concerns, including the disillusionment of workers whose options are not worth much because the underlying stock has never lost value, upcoming changes in accounting rules that would require employers to treat stock options as compensation fees, and public opinion on stock options, economic news has been reported. The employee stock option business in 2013 was as follows: Microsoft sets predefined dates on which an employee`s funds can be used to buy shares at a discount to the market price. The fair value of the transferred share allocations for fiscal years 2013, 2012 and 2011 was $2.8 billion, $2.4 billion and $1.8 billion, respectively. Employee stock purchase plans allow employees to set aside a portion of their salary to buy Microsoft stock. If this is your first time learning more about ESPPs, you can read more about whether or not you should participate in your company`s ESPP in our detailed article. We offer stock-based compensation to directors and employees. As of June 30, 2013, a total of 425 million shares had been approved for future contributions under our stock plans, which include stock options, share allocations and leadership share awards. Premiums that expire or are cancelled without delivery of shares are generally available for issuance under the plans. We are issuing new Microsoft common shares to accommodate the exercise and acquisition of premiums under all of our stock plans.

Microsoft offers its employees stock bonuses or restricted share units. This is a large portion of total compensation and could even be used as annual income for workers who carry forward their taxable income (level 67 and above, more on the following) and reduce their tax liability. Stock purchase bonuses – these are usually 25% per year earned over four years, with one vest per year on your job anniversary. In general, your hiring shares will not be acquired until one year after the start of the job. The ESPP benefit allows Microsoft employees to buy Microsoft shares at a discount to the share price. Your contributions to this program come from payroll deductions, similar to your 401(k) contributions. However, unlike 401(k) pre-tax contributions, ESPP contributions are deducted after tax. At Microsoft, you can carry forward up to 15% of your salary and accumulate money in each calendar quarter.

At the end of the quarter, these funds purchase shares of MSFT at a 10% discount to fair market value. It sounds simple, and yet, every time shares are bought, they have a different holding period with different tax rates and consequences that need to be reviewed. Microsoft employees who are not eligible to contribute to the deferred compensation plan should consider participating in the program. In its traditional 401K account, Microsoft offers 22 options, including target date funds, mutual funds, Microsoft stocks, and the Brokerage Link option, which gives access to thousands of mutual funds than traditional 401Ks. In other words, Microsoft employees have many more options than standard 401K plans. While the termination provisions clearly override the employee`s right to award unshakable shares in the event of termination of employment without notice (including an award of shares that would otherwise not be insoluble during the notice period), the employer did not draw the employee`s attention to the dismissal provisions when it agreed to the terms and conditions for awarding the shares. If you were to deposit the maximum amount, you would buy about 63 shares. You could then turn around and sell the shares on the open market for $100 per share. The result is an immediate economic gain of more than $600 per quarter, or about $2,400 per year. You pay taxes on this amount at your highest marginal tax rate, but you can keep the rest.

The longer you hold the shares, the less tax you pay. If you wait at least a year, you will pay long-term capital gains taxes that are lower than normal income tax brackets. During the reporting periods, the following stock option exercise activities took place: As at June 30, 2013, 191 million common shares were reserved for future issuance under the Plan. The Leadership Stock Awards („LSA“) are a form of AS where the number of shares ultimately received depends on the performance of our company based on certain performance measures. .