The transactions in this agreement and the new credit agreement and the completion of the Colfax acquisition are collectively referred to as „operations.“ The Omni Agreement, the American Radio Agreement, the ———— SFX Agreement and the Milwaukee Memorandum of Understanding are jointly referred to as the „pending agreements.“ —————— 2.1.4 „Terms of Sale“ refers to your distributor`s agreements, conditions and policies that govern your use of distributor-provided services – such as cloud computing or hosting services or professional services – related to your use of the Software. 3.2 Professional Services. OmniSci may agree to provide certain professional software services („Services“) in addition to the standard support services described above. These services and related costs are subject to a separate written agreement between you and OmniSci. In the absence of a separate written agreement on services, the following conditions apply. Service rates are set on the corresponding order form. In addition, you are responsible for all travel and living expenses („expenses“) incurred by OmniSci staff, agents and contractors (together „staff“) while travelling to and from your facilities to provide services. Unless otherwise agreed on the order form, a reasonable service and expense fee is charged monthly or after the service closes. They must provide OmniSci members with the information, cooperation and assistance that OmniSci reasonably needs to provide services, b) enable the omniSci team to access its systems, networks, premises and real estate, as is necessary for the provision of services, and to ensure that OmniSci has sufficient authorization for the use of third-party systems. The programs or networks necessary to provide the Services (c) ensure that all necessary consents, authorizations and licenses have been obtained so that the provision of services by OmniSci does not violate the legal or regulatory provisions (regardless of jurisdiction) relating to the use and access to personal data, and (d) ensure the health and safety of omniscicious personnel responsible for the provision of services in your premises.