[…] Guide/Primer to Contracts Harvard Office for Scol Comm – Stu Schieber Model Lizenz – blogs.law.harvard.edu/pamphlet/2014/02/19/a-model-oa-journal-publication-agreement/ – always want to get through and make sure you do what you want Panel: […] In order for your product to be considered eligible under the agreements, you must be the relevant author and be linked to the University of Cambridge. In the submission process of the article, you must identify yourself as being linked to Cambridge University and/or cam.ac.uk use your email address (or sub-domain in YourCRSid@xxxx.cam.ac.uk format). What applies to publishing contracts with German publishers also applies, in principle, to agreements with foreign publishers. If the agreements are only available in English, authors should be careful not to grant exclusive rights to the publisher. Allows users to copy, distribute and transfer an article, to adapt the article as long as the author is assigned. The CC BY license allows for commercial and non-commercial reuse. We work with institutions and funders around the world to help researchers publish Gold Open Access in their selected magazines. These agreements may mean that individual authors can benefit from a reduced publication fee for articles (APCs) or publish open access for free for themselves. Allows users to copy, distribute and transfer an article as long as the author is assigned, the article is not used for commercial purposes, and the work is in no way modified or adapted. Correspondent authors of institutions participating in the Bibsam consortium can now publish Open Access in Taylor – Francis Open Select (Hybrid) magazines without having to pay an APC. Learn more about the Bibsam agreement, including the types of articles that are qualified and which institutions are covered. All articles submitted in the agreements are published by default under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY) license. An exception can be made by notifying the publisher in the process of filing the article if you need to publish with another license.

The University of Cambridge has signed agreements with many publishers that allow university researchers to publish their main open access research and review papers. Authors who submit articles intended to be published in journals in these agreements are not subject to a fee. The publishing fees for open access in the agreements were covered centrally, agreed by the university library directly with the publishing house or via Jisc, the licensing negotiator for British higher education.