The inital idea
We will support you from the initial idea of purchasing an aircraft. To find out what aircraft is suitable for you, we will analise your needs and wishes until we have found the type of aircraft you have been dreaming of.

Aircraft aquisition
Once we know what aircraft you are looking for we are scanning the international market to find a suitable one that will fit into your budget and needs.

Technical Check / PreBuy Inspection
To make sure the aircraft you intend to buy is in a good technical condition we propose to carry out a PreBuy inspection. Together with our partner Eastside Aviation we can offer technical or PreBuy inspections of any type of aircraft, glider or ultralight.

Purchase process
You have decided for an aircraft that you want to buy. The next step is the negotiation and to finalize the purchase with a contract. We will support you in this case with all our contacts and knowledge.

Ferry Flight
If the aircraft you’ve purchased needs to be ferried, no problem. We can arrange the ferry flight with one of our experienced pilots on nearly all kind of aircraft.

Flight Training
The aircraft is home, now it’s your turn. We will provide you all the training that you need to feel comfortable with your new aircraft!