After the Service Level Agreement (SLA) Training, you will know how to ensure that the parties to the request are essential in the choice of service, quality and quality assurance of the agreements concluded through the service. During the Service Level Agreement (SLA) training, you will learn how to set up, monitor and readapt a transparent and clear SLA. You will know who is involved in the design and management of SLAs and what processes are involved. After the Formation of Service Level Agreement (SLA), you will know which parts should be regulated by law, if any, and why KPIs and CSFs are applied. You will gain insight into the roles that exist in the culture of communication and business and how you can respond to them in SLA design. The Training Service Level Agreement (SLA) also allows you to detect weaknesses and risks in existing SLAs. If your organization wants to profile itself sustainably, it must also offer a quality and reliable service, conclude concrete agreements with its customers and even guarantee them. This can be done in a service level agreement, a contract between the customer and the provider on the level and type of service to be provided….