9 o Regional, rural and remote conservation of Annex 24 of the State Government`s 2015 Certified Agreement, which contains a reference to Cabinet approval for major organizational changes affecting regional and rural centers. A fundamental commitment to recognizing the Government`s commitment to regional, rural and remote jobs. A fundamental obligation to include recognition of the importance of relevant professional development and training for workers in regional, rural and remote areas and their improved accessibility for these workers through technology. Fundamental commitment to a clause that encourages organizations to enter into local agreements on appropriate travel policies for regional, rural and remote employees. o Support for workers with mental illness Fundamental commitment to a clause recognizing the government`s commitment to workers` mental health. o Fair treatment in the workplace The PSC`s fundamental commitment to continue to work with unions to improve performance management. o Intimidation and harassment Continuation of Part 18 of the Certified Agreement of State Government Agencies Fundamental obligation to raise awareness of protection under the Industrial Relations Act o No reduction or disadvantage Fundamental obligation that there will be no reduction of the existing terms of the 2015 State Government Certified Agreement for employees under the Replacement Agreement. o Award recognition of the need for agencies to provide access and consultation on working time agreements in accordance with procurement obligations. 7 7 National Invalidity Insurance Scheme (NDIS) In view of the introduction of the National Invalidity Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Agreement contains a clause confirming that the Government is obliged to adopt its policy of not coercing permanent public sector employees who are unemployed as a result of organisational changes. An inter-agency and inter-union consultation forum will be convened to address the issues raised during the transition to NDIS. Allied health services will be at the centre of this forum. Where to go after the vote? If a valid majority of workers vote in favour of the proposed agreement, an application for certification of the 2019 State Government Entities Certified Agreement will be submitted to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. â The agreement is expected to be certified by mid-2020.

â The agreement is valid after certification. The 2019 Certified State Government Entities Agreement (also known as the „Basic Agreement“) includes approximately 30,000 employees in more than 40 companies. 12 questions? For more information – Public Service Commission (PSC) website – www.psc.qld.gov.au/publications/awards-and-Agreements/state-gov-dept-certified-agreement-2015.aspx. www.psc.qld.gov.au/publications/awards-and-Vereinbarungen/State-Gov-Dept-Certified-Agreement-2015.aspx Review the agreement – available on the PSC`s website. Contact your company`s HR/IR contact – details can also be found on the PSC website. 1 State Government Entities Certified Agreement 2015 Information Session One-Time Payment Clause 2.2 ⢠If you have not already done so, you will soon see your one-time payment in your bank account if you are eligible to it will be paid before the proposed agreement is certified. ¢ Eligible employees are those who are to be covered by the proposed agreement and who were employed on or after January 17, 2020 and who remained employed at the time the payment was processed. The proposed basic agreement ¢ A copy of the proposed agreement is available at: www. forgov.

Qld. gov. au/stategovernment-entities-certified-agreement-2019 ⢠There is also a copy under the same link with the changes highlighted in blue for easy identification. 5 A duty to investigate means the collection of additional data on temporary appointments in order to increase the entity`s quarterly report to the Advisory Committees on the number of temporary appointments and the categories of reasons for such commitments, such as replenishment, project role and others. Early signs suggest that this would be possible, at least in the Aurion system. The Government assumes that, in accordance with section 149(3) of the Civil Service Act 2008, an industrial instrument may establish the criteria that a Director-General must take into account when deciding whether or not to employ a person in the department: o to continue as a temporary worker in accordance with the existing conditions of employment; or as a general employee outside the service or as a public servant. The Government agrees in principle to include in the 2018 Draft Certification Agreement for State Government Entities one or more provisions setting out the criteria to be taken into account in the decision described above. The government`s agreement in principle to such a provision is based on the fact that the established criteria apply to the decision-making process. The establishment of criteria for the decision-making process does not extend to the modification of rights and entitlements currently in force in existing legislative, industrial and administrative instruments, including the Civil Service Act 2008 and the Commission`s Directive on the Civil Service, which were in force immediately prior to certification (currently temporary work 08/17). o Job Security Maintenance of Clauses 7.1 and 7.2 and Annex 24 of the Certified Agreement of State Government Agencies Obligation to send a notice to the agencies every six months outlining the commitment to permanent employment and maximizing job security in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.

3 5 Queensland Employment Standards (QES) The agreement includes the following queensland main employment standards (ESQs): Payment of annual leave payment for annual leave rate for annual leave Right to sick leave Right to absence on a public holiday. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions 7 o Awareness of the effects of unconscious bias during such processes; and collaborate with diversity-focused organizations and networks. o Maintenance and improvement of allowances Fundamental commitment to a clause recognizing the importance of the role of firefighters and health and safety officers and the value of the time spent on these tasks. o Professional development and training Fundamental commitment to a clause that recognizes the role of relevant professional development and training, as well as better accessibility for all employees through technology. o Rights of the Union and delegates Fundamental obligation to include the Union`s support policy as an annex to the agreement. Basic obligation to extend the data fields for the reporting obligations of union promotion under the agreement to the following elements: department, attribution, employee name, title, classification, type of employment, location, floor (if available) and. A fundamental commitment to a clause encouraging agencies and trade unions to accept local agreements on trade union and delegate rights. o Consultation A fundamental commitment to a clause encouraging organizations to accept local agreements on workplace consultation and relevant participants on advisory committees. Fundamental obligation that a consultation process includes, where appropriate, the provision of data including: employee name, job title, workplace, expected impact, justification for changes and possible deadlines. o Cultural respect Fundamental obligation for organizations to report to their Agency Advisory Committee on cultural awareness activities. o Appropriate Workloads PSC`s fundamental commitment to update the workload management tool for the results of this agreement.

5 11 Certification Process If, after the vote, a valid majority of workers vote in favour of the agreement, the 2015 State Government Certification Agreement will be forwarded to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for certification. The agreement is expected to be certified in May/June 2016. Effect of wage clauses See also www. forgov. Qld. gov. au/core-2019 -and-associated-agreements-salary-schedules Entities that are no longer covered Now excluded: • Ministry of Education • Ministry of Child, Youth and Women`s Security • Ministry of Youth Justice • Including Youth Detention Centres • Parliamentary Services Election Office Staff.