Two class actions allege that Uber violated various laws and regulations by classifying drivers in California and Massachusetts as independent contractors and not as employees. Uber denies these claims. The court did not decide who was right, but both parties agreed to a settlement in those appeals. The exact amount received by each member of the class can only be calculated if (1) the Court agrees; 2. Amounts are deducted from the resolution fund because fees related to class notification, transaction management, payment of legal fees and expenses, payment of taxes and expenses related to tax and revaluation payments approved by the Court are deducted; and (3) The transaction administrator determines the number of class members who have excluded themselves, filed valid claims and successfully obtained payment after payment. As part of the comparison, Uber will prevent drivers from receiving travel requests until they confirm that they are ready to transport drivers with service animals. Drivers who do not comply with animal service policy or who do not wish to transport drivers with pets are licensed by the Uber platform. Simply put, the problems with these rideshare companies are complicated, controversial and difficult to manage. If you are dealing with the consequences of a Lyft or Uber accident, we can help. At Huber Thomas and Marcelle, we work on the fairest management for our customers and have a committed experience with rideshare themes. Uber`s lawyers said in a court document Tuesday that they had agreed to an agreement with thousands of drivers. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen will hear both sides` request for an interim agreement on March 21 in his San Francisco courtroom.

In the end, it will decide whether the agreement can continue. „We are pleased to reach agreement on this issue and will continue to work hard to improve the quality, safety and dignity of self-employment,“ the spokesman said. An agreement was reached in two class actions filed against Uber Technologies, Inc. by drivers who used the Uber app in California and Massachusetts. As part of this comparison, Uber agreed to create a transaction fund and change certain business practices, as described below. If you qualify, you can submit a benefit entitlement or you can exclude yourself from the transaction or object. The United States District Court for the Northern District of California has approved this notice. Before paying money, the Court will hold an oral hearing to decide whether the transaction is approved.

After deducting legal fees and fees, accounting fees and additional contributions to class representatives for the initiation and management of the expenses of these shares, all of which are subject to court approval, the remainder of the transaction amount – the „net equalization fund“ – will be available for distribution to members of the settlement class. In April 2016, Uber agreed to settle two class action lawsuits for 385,000 drivers in California and Massachusetts. Under the billing conditions, legitimate drivers would have remained contracted, but would be entitled to a share of the $100 million based on the number of kilometres travelled. Uber has also agreed to partially fund a „Driver`s Association“ and to learn more about why some Uber drivers are disabled. The new colony includes about 11,000 drivers in California and 2,600 in Massachusetts, who will together receive the US$20 million.