Our rights in this Agreement are not affected by other rights and remedies that we have between us by law or as part of another agreement or agreement. This document contains the terms and conditions for credit cards that we can provide to you from time to time. These terms and conditions are mandatory for you, so it is important that you read and understand this document. You will find the definitions of some of the words used in this document in paragraph 13 (meaning of words). 12.7.2 We may destroy, delete or settle records in accordance with applicable legislation. You cannot transfer or transfer your rights and obligations under this contract without our prior written authorization. 2.7 The refund of a NETS FlashPay value registered on the card must be made by the Cardmember with NETS, in accordance with the net conditions prior to the extension/rescission/dismember of the card. There will be no refund of NETS FlashPay value stored on the expired, lost, stolen or destroyed card. Termination by us 7.3 Notwithstanding all cases, we may close and revoke one or all cards, card account and services, with or without notification, if: – Unless expressly stated, a person who is not a party to this agreement is not entitled, in accordance with the Singapore Contracts (Chapter 53B) to enforce or benefit from the terms of this Agreement. In addition to any other type of service available to us, any document in a court action or proceeding that requires one or another personal delivery (including, but not limited to a citation, Claim, legal application, bankruptcy application) may be served on you by mail, delivered to your last known address or having to leave them in our records at your last known address, and such a type of service is considered an effective personal service, even if it is not returned:- 6.4 If we only receive the minimum payment until the due date indicated in your ticket, you must pay interest on the amount not yet paid (see details and fees). Please note that if a new card has been sent to you, you will not be held responsible until you have activated it. However, if the new card is to replace an existing card, you will be responsible for all recurring payments, staggered payments and other payment instructions transferred from your existing card to your new card, even if you have not activated the new card.

We may complete or amend the terms of this agreement from time to time by notifying you in accordance with our usual practice. The change or supplement takes effect on the date indicated in the notice of contract. If you do not accept the change or addition of this Contract, you must terminate the use of the card and terminate the card account within 7 days of the date of our notification, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.