Despite its lack of details and other inadequacies, the spirit embodied in this agreement deserves to be preserved. It is now time to detail the general principles of the agreement and to chart a roadmap with concrete steps that both sides must take. The Joint Military Commission 5-5, which negotiated and signed the ceasefire agreement, its monitoring committees and the UN support mission in Libya (UNSUL), must quickly agree on the practical implementation of the agreement. The parties should specify how it defines foreign fighters and whether their training agreement clause includes those signed by the Tripoli government with foreign governments. They should also develop a framework for the review of armed groups. To the extent that many foreign fighters operating in Libya, including Sudan and Chad, are members of armed opposition groups in their respective countries, the authorities in that country may object to their return; The United Nations should help establish a demobilization plan so that they do not become weapons that are engaged in other conflicts. The agreement resulted in a dialogue initiated by five loyal GNA military officers and five military officers affiliated with Haftar (5-5 Joint Military Commission) under UN mediation in February 2020. This negotiating route is one of three (the others are political and economic) that the UN has convened since the Berlin conference in January 2020, which aimed to end Haftar`s campaign to take Tripoli. [fn] On 19 January 2020, Germany convened the Berlin conference on Libya, after months of consultations with foreign actors in the Libyan conflict. To that end, the United States, the EU, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Congo-Brazzaville, as well as the United Nations, the Arab League and the African Union, a 55-point declaration, which was subsequently approved in UN Security Council Resolution 2510 (12 February 2020) , which devoted their countries` support to a three-pronged UN mediation process. The military rail has instructed a joint military commission of 5-5, made up of five military representatives on both sides of the conflict, to reach an agreement on ceasefire conditions. Statement by the crisis group „Libya: Putting the words of the Berlin Conference into practice,“ 22 January 2020.For months, do not hide for results, even after Haftar`s troops withdrew from the Tripoli area in June. Reinforced by the withdrawal of Haftar and reinforced by direct Turkish military support, pro-GNA forces launched an attack on the centre of the Haftar-controlled Left, in the hope of confiscating oil installations that Haftar had blocked since January.

[fn] Crisis Group Statement, „Averting an Egyptian Military Intervention in Libya,“ 27 July 2020. Hide the footnote This offensive quickly stopped: Egyptian threats of military intervention to stop it, and the deployment of Russian military equipment, including fighter jets, to defend the positions of Haftar, Ankara and Tripoli led to a de facto cessation of hostilities throughout Libya. But there are many skeptics and critics, especially among anti-Libyan factions. Tripoli`s defence minister welcomed the agreement and stressed the need for justice for war crimes, whether through Libyan and international judicial institutions. [fn] Statements by Defence Minister Salahedin Al Namroush to Libya al-Ahrar TV, broadcast on 25 October 2020.