In most cases, the leases are smooth and everything ends well. Or is it? You would probably never expect one of your tenants to arrive at the news time for bad reasons such as selling drugs, operating a secret fighting club, protecting terrorists or working with mafia kings. But people are sometimes unpredictable and sometimes downright criminal. If you want to rent your property to a tenant, but worry about its safety, we have a solution to ensure tranquility. has partnered with experts to help homeowners implement the online police setting up with minimal problems. Check out the various Tenant Verification online packs now on Housing Edge. If the name is misspelled and therefore different from the original one that candidates can buy, a house you buy is a house that always gives, literally, if you rent it. Who doesn`t want their investment to be depreciated? Therefore, there is no shortage of owners who want to rent their property all year round. Certainly, there is a permanent supply of tenants in the economy, whether students, professionals, families or singles. 1.

Conduct a detailed interview with all candidates. Even if you have a trusted real estate agent who may be willing to do the interview on your behalf, you must meet with the tenant in person.2. Make a reference check by contacting the tenant`s former landlord to get the certainty of his or her behaviour as a tenant and to check if he has caused any damage or caused trouble to the neighbours. This can only be done after completing an online rent verification form.3 Get the number of family and friends of the tenant for more reference check to get an idea of the nature of the environment, family and circle friend of the tenants heard. All terrorist and anti-national elements who rent accommodation under a false identity and falsified documents can be taken with police verification. In other less extreme but annoying scenarios, landlords regularly encounter a number of problematic tenants; the peevish, the irresponsible guy who never pays the rent on time, the aggressive, who sets inappropriate requirements for amenities and special provisions, or the noisy out-of-control alcoholic, who enters the hours of all the chances he receives.