A: No, obtaining a sum of money from the bank without reference to the trust investment obligation does not require the bank to apply the money received against the bond under the trusteeship. There is also no compensation because compensation is not appropriate if one of the debts is civil liability resulting from criminal offences. (Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. v. Tonda, G.R. No. 134436, August 16, 2000). That on February 16, 1964, in the city of Manila, Philippines, the accused in question deliberately and there deliberately, illegitimately and insidiously, to defraud the Prudential Bank and Trust Company in the following manner: the accused who had received in trust goods from the Prudential Bank and Trust Company, i.e. 1,000 bags of chewing yellow corn and 1,000 bags of palay in a trust , which was set up by the credit number. 5643 , executed in favour of this bank, the total value of P24,000.00, sold by him, under the express obligation of the aforementioned accused to be responsible for this commodity, or to deliver and return to prudential Bank and Trust Company the proceeds of the sale of this product; chanrobles virtual law library A: The law uses the word „can“ to give the entrusted person the right to revoke trust and take possession of the goods.

Therefore, the agent has the power to exercise that right or to seek alternative action, for example. B a third-party claim or a separate civil action that he considers best to protect his right to comply with one of the terms of the trust agreement at any time in the event of a delay or omission by the agent. (South City Homes, Inc. v. BA Finance Corporation, G.R. No. 135462, December 7, 2001) A: The Receipts Law Trust recognizes that it is impossible to impose a prison sentence on a company. Therefore, if the Entruste is an entity, the law makes officers or employees or others responsible for the offence to pay the prison sentence. The reason is obvious: companies, partnerships, associations and other legal institutions cannot be imprisoned. Therefore, the human agent responsible for the breach of Trust Receipts Law rests with the criminal liability. [Ong vs CA, G.R.

Nr. 119858, April 29, 2003] A document of confidence refers to the written or printed document that the agent signed in favour of the pet and which contains the conditions that are essentially in accordance with the provisions of Presidential Decree No.