However, they may be compensated for any expenses they will take directly during volunteer work. Expenses are not included in the pocket of lost wages or wages in the voluntary labour. You therefore recognize that by choosing to volunteer with one or more individuals who have volunteered with our service, you did so only after reviewing and assessing whether the skills and background of such a person meet the needs of your organization. For more information on volunteering, see Volunteering Queensland. When an activity is carried out for a non-profit association that is not a voluntary association, the volunteer is not considered fit for work. She is therefore not considered a worker under the WHS Act. The Queensland government is committed to providing queensland volunteers and volunteer organizations with high-quality evidence-based voluntary research. In keeping with this commitment, we have provided a number of relevant resources and publications. However, the WHS act does not apply to non-profit organizations that are „volunteer associations.“ By using the system, you agree that Volunteering Queensland does not give you any responsibility, that you make your data available to any voluntary organization that can participate in the service, appropriate yourself or be involved in the service.

A volunteer public servant cannot be prosecuted for failing to comply with his „officer obligations“ under the WHS Act. This immunity from prosecution is intended to ensure that voluntary participation at the officer level is not discouraged. However, a volunteer public servant, as a worker, may be prosecuted if he or she does not perform his or her duties as a worker. You acknowledge that, to the extent that you are connected to an organization within the service, you will conduct your own assessment to determine whether that organization and its requirements meet its needs and capabilities. You confirm that your interest in volunteering is based on personal choice and is carried out freely, without waiting for a financial reward. A volunteer association is a group of volunteers who work together on one or more community goals and who are not staffed. It may or may not be a registered association. A voluntary association is not considered a PCBU for the WHS Act. Below is information on when non-profit organizations and volunteers have assignments under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2011 (LOI WHS).

An example of a voluntary association is a youth sports club where the offices are volunteers and the association`s fundraisers and other activities are carried out by volunteers such as parents. The organization can be registered or without its own portfolios. Using the system, you understand that listed organizations that participate in volunteers are independent organizations responsible for their own actions, not Volunteering Queensland agents. While the listed voluntary organisations have indicated that Queensland if there is voluntary insurance, Queensland cannot guarantee it and advises you to support it through individual organisations before accepting voluntary service. Organizations that are not insured have identified their voluntary functions as not maintaining public liability and/or voluntary liability insurance in the event of a personal injury, and volunteers are informed that they are uninsured and performing duties with uninsured organizations at their peril. The Queensland Volunteering Action Partnership brings together expertise in the government, community and business sectors to promote greater participation in volunteerism and achieve the many benefits for Queensland. Membership in Volunteering Queensland offers many valuable and rewarding benefits that help maximize voluntary contribution to achieving missions, advancing concerns and improving Queensland`s well-being.